If you’ve ever been interested in tracking your calories or dropping a few lb., you’re probably familiar with the popular weight loss app, Lose It! But if you’re hitting a frustrating roadblock it might be time to switch up your current routine and throw yourself into a challenge.

Lucky for you the Boston-based mobile app just released a challenge feature where users can earn points for logging their healthy behaviors including weighing in, exercise, nutritious eating and of course, weight loss.

According to their site, “This points-based challenge rewards you for logging meals regularly, eating fruits & vegetables, physical activity and weight loss progress.”

Because, after all, who doesn’t love some friendly competition?

Other popular weight loss wagers include DietBet and Wellcoin where members can win gift cards or cash incentives for reaching certain benchmarks or dropping a certain percentage of weight.

For Lose It! the challenge is designed to have a level playing field. Whether you regularly run road races or are just getting started on your weight loss journey, this challenge rewards participants for all kinds of healthy behaviors so everyone can be competitive — not just those losing the unwanted lb.

Still not convinced? The Lose It! Challenge has proven results. According to their site, “people who’ve participated in a Lose It! points-based wellness challenge have lost 1.5 times as much weight as those who aren’t in a challenge during the same time period.”

So what are you waiting for? Gain the motivational tools you need to succeed with your healthy lifestyle. Bring on the challenge.


Image via Lose It!