An Everett man could be spending some time in the dog house after police say he allegedly soaked bits of hot dogs in anti-freeze and then spread the hunks of food across a lawn in an effort to try and poison some local pups.

According to police reports, officers arrested 53-year-old Kenneth Hyland on Friday. Hyland, a landscaper, is accused of poisoning dogs in Charlestown.

Earlier this week a witness told officers they observed the suspect cutting a lawn on Medford Street where he allegedly had a five-gallon bucket of “a blue [or] green solution” that they believed to be anti-freeze.

The witness said there were hot dog pieces soaking inside of the large container and after the landscaper was finished cutting the lawn he allegedly began scattering the anti-freeze soaked chunks around the yard.

According to the police report, the witness confronted Hyland and asked if he was “trying to poison the dogs.”

Hyland allegedly told the curious witness “yes.”

Police said after an argument ensued, the witness later collected the pieces of hot dogs and notified neighbors before bringing the bucket of evidence to officers.

The police report said that neighbors have seen this happen in the past and have complained.

Hyland will be arraigned in Charlestown District Court on Monday, September 24.


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