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A Watertown man is being billed as a criminal after he allegedly tried to pay for his court fees using counterfeit cash.

According to Boston Police reports, on Wednesday, January 16, officers responded to Academy Hill Road when Fernando Costa, 24, used the bogus money to try and cover his expenses during his court visit.

Police said Costa allegedly handed a court clerk two $100 bills, two $20 bills and one $10 bill. When the clerk scanned the money using a black light scanner, however, she discovered that the $100 bills were fake. The clerk also conducted an Iodine Starch test on calculated spots of the $100 bills, and called Sovereign Bank, who confirmed the bills were counterfeit, police said.

Costa allegedly fled the court on foot, and was later captured by police and charged with possession of counterfeit notes, and publishing false writings, according to the report.