Guys, have you ever strolled through the pink, perfumed expanses of your local Victoria’s Secret with your woman and thought, “Why should they have all the fun?”

The same pioneer spirit that drove Kramer to create “the bro” has prompted HommeMystere, an Australian clothing firm, to launch its line of thongs and padded bras specially made for men.

“HommeMystere understand that you want quality lingerie style underwear made with care, attention to detail, and fits your body perfectly,” says the company’s website. “Comfortable mens panties that really do fit, bra straps that don’t fall off the shoulder, teddies that don’t ‘ride up’ half way through the night and quality soft fabrics that feel great for all day wear.”

The company stresses that its manties are not solely intended for gay men – rather, for bros of all walks of life, looking to spice up the old underwear drawer.

“We provide our lingerie for guys,” says HommeMystere’s website. “We are not concerned if you are gay, straight, vegetarian, republican, anglican, martian or any other persuasion.  We just design and manufacture attractive luxury underwear for men.”

HommeMystere’s collection ranges from the humble g-string, to the more brazen c-string (it means exactly what you think it does), to garter belts and flower power padded bras. The company’s top-seller is the $29 rose panty, a “mid cut, extremely light mens panty, with lively pattern,” available in small, medium, large and XL.

“The HommeMystere range for me is like stamp collecting, I just want one of everything,” said Ray, whose testimonial appears on the company’s site.

“I think it’s great that you make these items for men so they can have cute panties like us girls,” said Bella, another customer.

You can order online and have it discreetly sent to your home. Or better yet, enjoy the added thrill of purchasing your manties in person at any one of Homme Mystere’s official retailers in Wisconsin, Maryland, Illinois, Utah, Arizona, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Nevada. There are no retailers in Mass., but the fact that a Red Sox embroidered C-string does not exist is comforting.