March Madness 2013 is upon us, and, once again, as in years past, I am forced to choose a bracket with absolutely no clue as to what I’m doing. Sure, I know the basics – i.e. what March Madness is – but beyond that, I couldn’t tell you the difference between Colorado and Colorado State, and even less so who you should favor in your bracket. Plus, all those analytical sports statistics are boring with a capital B. This year, take March Madness into your own hands and have some fun with your picks. Below you’ll find my six fool proof ways to pick your 2013 March Madness bracket if you know nothing about college basketball.

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Choose winning teams based solely on which college town you would rather live in. Some are obvious – I’d take UCLA’s sunshine over Minnesota’s blizzards any day of the week. Others will really make you examine your inner self to pick the lesser of two evils — Western Kentucky vs. Kansas? What about Butler (located in Indianapolis, IN) vs. Bucknell (in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania)? Yikes.


Every year, President Barack Obama – an admittedly huge fan of college basketball – releases his bracket picks to the public. If you voted for the prez, match your bracket to Obama’s 2013 bracket (#twinsies). If you lean to the right instead, pick the exact opposite of the Mr. Obama.


Take it back to your elementary school days and use those ABC’s to determine your bracket this year: the team name that starts with the letter higher in the alphabet wins. For instance, Oklahoma would beat San Diego State in the first round, but then lose to Georgetown in the second round.


The obvious standby, but it never fails to delight. In each round, simply pit the two team’s mascots against each other in an imaginary fight, and whichever would be more likely to win in real life advances to the next seed. For example, Cincinnati’s Bearcats would clobber the Creighton Bluejays. After all it’s a BEAR-CAT. That’s badass. I might venture that a bearcat would win against all opponents. (See the slideshow below for a start.)


Similar to picking by mascots, this method would take a lot of research. Analyze each schools’ colors based on this question: Which scheme would you rather wear every day for the rest of your life? I’m talkin’ every single day, every single occasion: suits in those colors, wedding dresses in those colors, PJ’s in those colors, socks in those colors. Hint: orange is a bad choice.

Alma Matter

If you happened to be lucky enough to have your alma matter playing in the tournament this year, be a true fan and pick them to go all the way. After all, you never know what could happen. This is exactly why I have Michigan winning the tourney in one of my brackets. YOLO and go blue!

What are some of the most absurd ways you pick your bracket?