What happens when a Boston Internet celebrity meets one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors? This:

Last night, Dorchester native Mark Wahlberg held a screening in Hingham for his new movie “Broken City.” Held at the Patriot Cinemas at Hingham Shipyard, the premiere, which raised money for the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, drew notables from across the Boston area, including Patriots players such as Julian Edelman and Wes Welker.

One such notable was Tom O’Keefe, better known to the Hub’s social media-savvy as BostonTweet. O’Keefe can usually be found at all the coolest events around Boston, so it was no surprise that he showed up to the “Broken City” premiere.

We grabbed a few minutes with O’Keefe to hear about how it all went down, and what it’s like to be in Marky Mark’s presence (you know you’ve dreamed about it!).

How did you end up snagging a photo with Wahlberg?

Mohegan Sun hooked me up with tickets to the Broken City movie premiere and the after party at Wahlburgers. The Mohegan Sun marketing girl literally pushed me into the receiving line with Mark.  Thank you, Mohegan Sun marketing girl!

Did you exchange any words with him?

I said “’Ted’ is the greatest movie ever made,” and he said “Thank you.” But I’m sure he was thinking, “You’re an idiot.”

What was the thing that surprised you most about Wahlberg when you met him?

I was very surprised by how friendly he was to everyone at the event. Tons of people were grabbing for his attention, which must be exhausting, but he handled it very graciously. It was certainly the first time that I ever said, “I could definitely have a beer with Mark Wahlberg.”

If you could hang out with Wahlberg at one spot in Boston for an evening, what place would you choose?

I think I would pick jm Curley because it’s very low key, however, I would forbid the staff from serving him Jameson–he gets very angry in the movie [“Broken City”] when he drinks Jameson.