Outranking the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Denzel Washington, Forbes reports that Mark Wahlberg was the fourth-highest paid Hollywood actor of 2013. The local legend took home an estimated $52 million last year, a testament to just how far the star has come since his days with the Funky Bunch.

Given the recent runaway success of Ted and Wahlberg’s killer performances in blockbuster dramas The Figher, The Departed, and The Italian Job, his rank on the list is not too surprising. After all, here in Boston it takes a mere mention of his name to send us all flocking to theaters.

What is a little surprising: Channing Tatum beat out Marky Mark, taking the #2 slot, reportedly taking in $60 million last year. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is creeping up just behind Wahlberg at $46 million, generated mostly by Fast & Furious 6. And Adam Sandler finds himself somehow still relevant at number seven…he made $37 million last year, mostly off the animated film Hotel Transylvania.

But Iron Man reigns supreme over all the contenders. Robert Downey Jr. made no less than $75 million last year for portraying lovable, arrogant badass Tony Stark, and The Avengers became the third-highest grossing movie of all time last year. Hugh Jackman is number three, further supporting the theory that comic book franchises may be the secret to Hollywood success of epic proportions.

Personally, I’d watch Wahlberg’s Det. Sgt. Dignam over Jackman’s Wolverine any day of the week.