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Looks like Mark Marky is returning to the hub, but not to film the latest Whitey Bulger adaptation. According to a press release, Mark Wahlberg has a signed on as an executive producer for a new unscripted reality show with A&E. The show, tentatively titled Teamsters,   will showcase Teamsters Local 25, an 11,000 member workers’ union based in Charlestown.

According to the release:

Set in the real-life world that provided such color to films as The Fighter and The Departed, “Teamsters” will give viewers a first hand glimpse of the most legendary union in the most aggressive and territorial city in America: Boston. Here, the Teamsters Local 25 battle for the rights of their 11,000 members.

Stephen Levinson, who produced Entourage with Walhberg, as well as Kevin Harrison and Bill Thompson will also produce Teamsters.

“A&E strives to remain ahead of the curve while delivering first-class auspices to our audience,” said Bob DeBitetto, President and General Manager, A&E and BIO Channel, in the release. “We’re so proud to collaborate with this group of producers and offer an authentic point of view from the unique characters this world provides.”

Sounds awesome. The details are sparse, but with Wahlberg at the helm, we can only imagine the cinematic goodness that will abound. I’m also hoping to make a cameo or two once they’re in town. Marky Mark, here I come!