Word leaked last year that Mark Wahlberg wanted to produce a reality TV series based on The Big Bang Theory. Given his hometown is overflowing with nerdy college students, where better to tap into, really? Luckily for him, a group of MIT graduate students were putting beer on tap.

A&E has approved what will be called The Big Brew Theory, according to Entertainment Weekly. The reality pilot will follow the students around as they “create the microbrewery of their dreams.” Although the name of said microbrewery has yet to be revealed, a source close to BostInno confirmed it’s Somerville-based Aeronaut Brewing.

Aeronaut Brewing, located on Tyler Street in Union Square next to the climbing facility Brooklyn Boulders, has one goal: “Make inventive beers.” As co-founder Ben Holmes told BostInno in a previous interview, “The brand should capture the excitement of creating inventions.”

The founding four — Holmes, Ronn Friedlander, Dan Rassi and Steven Reilly — all share a scientific background, whether working in biomedical engineering, physics, biology or computer science. The group started experimenting with beers in their shared Somerville kitchen, before moving in October to the empty warehouse that’s now Aeronaut.

Aeronaut only takes up half of the warehouse. The other half of the space is dedicated to incubating startups like Something GUD, barismo and Somerville Chocolate. When the brewery opens its doors, the space will also serve as a functioning farmers’ market, allowing patrons to sip on unique beers while sampling products that are all locally-sourced.

“This is a good place for people to come and do experimental things,” Friedlander told BostInno in March. “People can share equipment. People can share ideas. … We’re learning from each other, too.”

And soon, thousands of viewers will be, as well. Wahlberg has signed on to executive produce the pilot reality series, according to EW, and will be working alongside Stephen Levinson, Stephanie Drachkovitch and Bill Thompson.

As Vulture snarkily noted:

While another Boston-based, foodie docu-series with a pun in the title isn’t exactly pushing the envelope for Marky Mark these days, at least we can all be thankful that he didn’t call it Wahlbeers.

Let’s cheers to that.