Now that the hard-fought race to succeed Mayor Tom Menino has been handily won by Marty Walsh, Bostonians are surely looking forward to a more temperate political climate to help curtail the chill of winter. But once we’re done hibernating, Boston, we’re off to the races again. This time, it’ll be of the gubernatorial variety as Massachusetts will be electing a new Governor.

Though the election isn’t until next year, a collection of candidates have already announced their candidacy some of which are familiar to us all, some of which are rookies in the political arena. So, to help you familiarize yourself with those already determined to become the next chief executive of this great Commonwealth, here’s an overview of those vying for Governor of Massachusetts. Be aware, this list is subject to change dramatically from now until next year.

1. Martha Coakley (D)

The current Attorney General of Massachusetts, Coakley is no stranger to hitting the campaign trail having made an unsuccessful bid for the U.S. Senate back in 2010 after losing to Scott Brown. The finance trail is a different story, though, as Coakley is currently embattled in a campaign finance scandal uncovered by the Boston Globe in which she’s severely mismanaged campaign funds and violated protocol. Ironically, Coakley indicted former Massachusetts Treasurer Tim Cahill on the grounds that he used Mass. Lottery funds for his own respective gubernatorial bid in 2010. Coakley accepted a $10,000 fine from Cahill in exchange for her dropping the charges, despite the fact that a mistrial was declared.

2. Steve Grossman (D)

Grossman is the current Treasurer for the Bay State and, despite being in the early stages of the race, has already locked down an endorsement from Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno out in Western Massachusetts, as well as Hampden County Sherrif Michael Ashe. According to MassLive, Grossman has already been playing Johnny Appleseed, sowing far west of Route 128 and “establishing a base of support among the politicians and activists.”

3. Don Berwick (D)

Not particularly a politico by nature, Berwick may play up his rapport with President Obama to get his name out further. He’s the former President and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and has since been nominated by the President as Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Naturally, his campaign platform is for healthcare reform. Oh, and he also holds three degrees from Harvard. Not too shabby.

4. Juliette Kayyem (D)

Another Harvard Grad, Kayyem currently lectures at the prestigious Cambridge institution’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. She made her bones, though, as the Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs for the United States Department of Homeland Security. Prior to that, she used her intergovernmental and interagency prowess to help with responding to the notorious BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

5. Jeff McCormick (Independent)

Running on the Independent ticket, which the Globe notes might not necessarily be a bad thing next year, McCormick will rely on his business acumen on the road to the State House. He’s a founding partner at Boston VC firm Saturn Partners and is currently hiring aids and hosting events to help build his campaign from scratch as he has no political experience.

6. Evan Falchuk (United Independent)

His brother may be a writer/director/producer for smash hit television shows like Glee and American Horror Story, but Evan is a seasoned executive with the online referral and consultation site Best Doctors. In hopes of connecting with contemporary Americans, Falchuk founded the United Independent Party to try and steer Massachusetts off the recently unpopular bi-partisan course currently plaguing Congress.

7. Charlie Baker (R)

Like McCormick, Baker is an investor and entrepreneur by trade. He’s also a veteran to the gubernatorial race having vied for the 2010 spot where incumbent Deval Patrick eked out a victory by a slim margin of securing 48 percent 42 percent. He’s also spent some time in the State House serving in the cabinet for former Governor Bill Weld. So far he’s the only Republican to declare in traditionally blue Massachusetts. He’s the former CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare.