A recent mini-poll of Massachusetts’ residents showed that people miss former Red Sox Manager Terry Francona , same-sex marriage hasn’t effected their daily lives and constituents support legalizing medical marijuana.

Sounds about right.

Public Policy Polling asked 902 Bay State voters a series of questions over a two day period in late June.

The poll, which was not paid for or authorized by any specific campaign or political organization, reached out to a range of residents, from adults to the elderly, and from Democrats to Republicans, to gather the data.

According to the group, the margin of error for the automated phone survey was +/-3.3%.

“Every week we poll our website and ask viewers about what they want to see,” said Justin Mayhew, assistant communications director for Public Policy Polling. “[Issues in] Massachusetts came out on top.”

While only hitting a fraction of those who live in the state, the poll showed that those who participated have a growing support for the legalization of medical marijuana, a question that will likely be on the 2012 ballot in November.

According to the results, 57% of those polled said they would be okay with allowing patients to have access to medicinal pot, whereas 33% of voters were against it.

The numbers showed a shift since the last poll conducted in March, according to officials from Public Policy Polling.

When it came to political powerhouses in the Bay State, those who participated in the poll said they favored Democratic U.S. Senator John Kerry over Republican Senator Scott Brown—but not by much.

According to the stats, Kerry only nudged Brown form the top spot by roughly 4%, beating Brown 47-43 in the phone polling.

As for the performance of the Red Sox and Manager Bobby Valentine, participants were disappointed, albeit hopeful.

“Red Sox nation isn’t real thrilled with the job Bobby Valentine is doing…but they’re not ready to give up on him yet either. Just 33% of fans approve of Valentine’s job performance to 25% who disapprove with 42% not holding an opinion one way or the other. Only 17% have already come to the conclusion that he should be fired to 52% who think he should stay on.”

Fans of former head-honcho Terry Francona seem to be having a hard time letting go, however. According to the results, 46% of fans said they’d like to see Francona come back to the Hub and manage the Red Sox, while just 27% opposed the idea.

No love from Bay Staters for Roger Clemens, though. Some things can’t be undone, no matter what a jury’s verdict is.

According to the results of the survey, Roger Clemens’ acquittal hasn’t bought him much forgiveness with the Red Sox fan base. Of those who participated, 22% see him favorably to 59% with a negative opinion, That number is relatively similar to results seen in a survey conducted in March,

Some other stats from the mini-poll:

  • 62% of voters said they support gay marriage being legal to only 30% who think it should be illegal
  • 57% of voters said they are in favor of legalizing medicinal marijuana while 33% are opposed.
  • 45% of voters said they support assisted suicide compared to 36% who are opposed.
  • 64% say legalizing gay marriage had no impact on their lives to 20% who think it’s been a positive thing and 16% who believe it’s been negative.