PICCPerfect, a MassChallenge startup that originated at Babson, is taking on a new name. Up until now, the venture has been making arm sleeves for people undergoing long-term intravenous treatments to cover their PICC lines. Now that the company is developing two new lines of products, it will be taking the name Mighty Well.

“Since last year, when we were in Babson’s Summer Venture Program, we wanted to change our name,” Emily Levy, co-founder of Mighty Well who has had a PICC line for Chronic Lyme Disease for years, told us. “We hope people feel empowered by the name Mighty Well… The rebrand will be putting me at the face of that and telling my story.”

Moving forward, the company will keep PICCPerfect as its existing product’s name. The company has made slight modifications to its PICC line covers, in addition to developing PICCPerfect sleeves for children. They have been modified to accommodate children’s smaller frames.

“We’ve improved the fit and the function of the product,” Levy shared. “There are now two holes – versus one in the middle – which people asked for. The fit is also better for heavier people, so it won’t slide off them.”

In the next six to eight months, Mighty Well intends to release two new products, which will follow the new nomenclature: PortPerfect and PillPerfect.

PortPerfect will be a specially designed shirt for people who have ports in their chest. “They have to take off their shirt every time they need to access their port,” Levy said. “It’s embarrassing.”

Emily Levy, wearing Mighty Well’s PICCPerfect.

Mighty Well will be outfitting their shirts with medical grade magnets. People will easily be able to open portions of it, while still keeping themselves covered.

“It looks like an athletic tee, but on each side, it opens,” Levy explained. “You don’t have to take it off or stretch it out. When you have to clean the line or do a treatment, you can preserve that dignity.”

Also in the works are pill bags, which Levy said are slated to come out in 6 months. “It’s a little pill bag that looks like a makeup bag or coin purse on the outside, and like a pill box on the inside,” she told us.

So far, it has sold more than 1,000 PICCPerfect covers and it will relaunch orders Tuesday . Recently, the company has switched manufacturers, bringing that portion of its operations from Los Angeles to Rhode Island.

Mighty Well’s products aren’t currently covered by insurance. However, Levy said there’s a study in the works, which would be conducted in partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital. If the study is carried through and PICCPerfect is shown to reduce risks of infection and pulling, Mighty Well can then go to insurance companies and start discussing coverage.