Construction on the Longfellow Bridge, the span of roadway that connects Boston to Cambridge, is set to begin this summer and will likely last through 2015, promising to snarl traffic for commuters of all kinds.

As if the guarantee of 25 weekends of Red Line service interruptions, the lack of bike access and traffic back-ups along the bridge after one side of the structure is shut down wasn’t enough, MassDOT decided to show travelers just what the headache inducing construction project will look like.

In a detailed and animated video (with soundtrack) posted on Tuesday on MassDOT’s website, officials show how the project will be completed in six phases.

The seven-and-a-half minute animation “vividly portrays the process of reconstructing the bridge serving vehicles, the MBTA Red Line, pedestrians and bicyclists,” according to MassDOT.

“Our projects are complex and lengthy and the rehabilitation of the historic Longfellow Bridge is no different. It can be difficult to visualize the end result and this video brings all construction stages to life,” said MassDOT spokeswoman Sarah Lavoie.

Lavoie said the video is a way for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to get a feel for how the bridge work may impact their commutes.

“I hope Red Line customers will come back to the video often to watch the progress both in real life and on video and then anticipate what comes next,” she said. “This an exciting project and most importantly, the video shows how we will preserve those famous salt and pepper shakers!”

If only the actual real-life construction work went by as quickly as this video.