Boston Mayor Thomas Menino took the stage at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday and blasted Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for his backwards ideas and his lack of Boston-values.

“Mitt Romney might be a nice guy, but as mayor of Boston I worked with him when he was governor,” said Menino. “Much of the time pretty well, but he made  a lot of decisions that were bad for our state, and now he wants to carry those wrong-headed policies to the rest of our country.”

Menino said Romney’s pitch to America to create jobs sounded a lot like campaign promises he made when he was Governor of Massachusetts.

“He promised to bring business to the state, but when he was in office Massachusetts was 47th in all 50 states in our country for our job creation,” said Menino, urging viewers to use him as a reference for Romney’s past record. “There’s a reason for that..because [Mitt] Romney cut education and work force training and disguised his tax hikes as fees.”

Menino said when Romney was governor in Massachusetts he wasn’t all that good.

“I like Mitt Romney, but now he is doubling down on all the wrong plans,” said Menino. “Romney’s campaign may come from Boston, but his campaign’s values aren’t Boston values.”

Menino said much like the standing plaque in Boston that highlights the forward progress of Paul Revere and his historic ride, Massachusetts, and the country, need to continue to move forward—something they can’t do, he said, if Romney is elected president in November.

He said in Boston, residents have seen progress, like in many parts of the country, in large part because the president and his administration “gave ordinary people a leg up.”

Menino said construction has been supported by stimulus dollars, education has improved and  hospitals and health centers have grown while booming life science companies have been born from national research support during Obama’s term in office.

“So today we have a clear choice to make…will we move forward together or go back to trickle down philosophies Mitt Romney believes in,” Menino said. “The choice is clear. It’s time to keep moving forward. It’s time to reelect Barack Obama as the President of the United States.”

Menino’s speech came a day after Governor Deval Patrick rocked the convention with a riveting speech about members of the Democratic party stiffening their backbones so that President Barack Obama could win a second term in office.

Menino is expected back in the Hub early tomorrow morning, following his speech at the Democratic National Convention, so he can welcome back students on the first day of school and give away backpacks full of supplies.