In an unprecedented move, officials from the MBTA and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced that they have approved a plan that allows the MBTA to operate until 3 a.m.

Officials worked tirelessly over the holiday weekend to reach a conclusion about the late-night service early Monday morning.

“It was certainly a tough decision. With a public transit system that’s facing a $5.2 billion debt, adding even more service hours and spending money we don’t have just didn’t seem palpable,” an MBTA spokesperson told BostInno.

“However, after listening to years and years of customer complaints,” he continued, “we finally just said to ourselves, ‘screw it – let’s give the people what they want.’”

Under the new plan, the MBTA will operate until 3 a.m. seven days a week.

To cater to late-night passengers coming home from the bars, all subway and commuter rail trains will be equipped with complimentary water bottles, with the option of $2 pizza slices available for purchase on Friday and Saturday evenings.

On the Green Line specifically, the MBTA has hired DJ Night Train as the official late-night music sponsor of the T, and he will provide customers with tunes beginning at 12 a.m. on the weekends.

MBTA buses will not be running full routes; instead, if you need to take a bus home, simply hail one using an on-demand smartphone app similar to Uber.

The MBTA commuter ferry services will operate as cruise boats past 11 p.m. Included in your ticket price is a buffet made up exclusively of fingers foods catered by local food trucks, as well as a rotating selection of seasonal draft beer provided by New England breweries.

“These partnerships serve as a great way for the MBTA to highlight the excellent work of Boston’s food and beverage industry,” said an MBTA spokesperson. “We are confident that the ferry services are the ultimate MBTA branch to carry out this new function. After all, what’s more fun than partying on a boat?”

Ticket prices for the MBTA’s late-service are slightly reduced, costing just $1 per ride with a Charlie Card.

The plan will not go into effect for another year – on April 1, 2014, specifically.

“It will take about 12 months to hire additional staff and ensure all the wheels are in motion for the MBTA’s late-night service launch,” said a MassDOT representative. “Plus, what better day to unveil the new service to the public than April Fool’s Day?”

We couldn’t think of a better day, either.

Happy April Fool’s Day, Boston! Keep on dreamin’.