Riding on Boston’s crammed public transportation system on a daily basis can bring out an array of emotions. From frustration with often late, or delayed trains, to anger when riders’ faces get seemingly shoved into the armpits of fellow passengers as they hold onto the straps above—everyday is something different on the MBTA.

And while thousands of people turn to Twitter regularly to vent about fare increases, interactions with T employees and missing their rides, there has been no better way to sum up that wide range of caged emotions so perfectly until now.

On November 16, a user on Tumblr unleashed a series of MBTA experiences, told through animated GIF’s, on a blog called “The MBTA Ruined My Life.”

Using the mini-moving photos in a way that copies the now-popular “Whats Should We Call Me” blogs, the creator has captured exactly what it is like to ride public transit in Boston.

From being the person who snags the last seat on the train to finding out a vehicle will run express without having to stop, all the common happenings on the T are compiled into one convenient place.

Here are some examples from the site.

“What I’d Like to Do When I Can Feel Someone Staring at Me”

“How I Feel When I Get the Last Seat”


While this may sum up the lives of riders, BostInno recently brought readers an inside look at what it is like to be behind the wheel of the the MBTA. Take a ride in the shoes of a train operator.