More than 30 people were sent to area hospitals to be treated for injuries after two MBTA Green Line trolleys collided at the Boylston Street Station on Thursday afternoon.

According to officials, 35 passengers that were on board the trains were being evaluated for injuries.

Nine of those passengers were put on stretchers and stabilized and sent to local hospitals.

Superintendent-in-Chief of the MBTA Transit Police, Joseph O’Connor, said one Green Line train was stopped at Boylston Street when a second trolley came in behind it and they collided.

“It doesn’t look like it was a high-speed crash,” O’Connor told reporters from the scene on  Boston Common.

MBTA officials said there was no derailment and no damage to the trains, and that the incident is still under investigation, however, they ruled out issues with the track or signal system as the cause of the accident.

“We will try and determine the facts and circumstances [about the accident],” said O’Connor.

Immediately after the crash, dozens of passengers were rushed out of the underground train stop and officers quickly cordoned off the area.

Emergency responders from the Boston Fire and Police Departments as well as EMS workers and Transit Officers were on scene.

Boston EMS Chief James Hooley said all of the reported injuries were “minor,” and were mostly back and neck injuries.

He said no children were injured in the crash.

Bob Bates, who was a passenger on the trolley that was docked at the station and rear-ended by the incoming train, said all of the sudden he felt a “tremendous bang.”

“That’s all I remember,” said Bates, who had a visible cut on his face that was bleeding. “All I remember is we left Park Street and there was this tremendous impact, this bang, and we all just hit the floor.”

Bates said he had pain in his shoulder following the accident.

Another man was standing outside of the Boylston Street stop, alongside nearly a dozen passengers on stretchers, bleeding from his head.

Corinne Conley, a sophomore from Emerson College, said she was on the train that was hit.

“Everyone yelled. We didn’t know what happened at first,” she said. “It was like getting rear-ended in a car accident.”

Conley, who was visibly shaken, said a classmate hit the ground upon impact.

MBTA officials said the station would be closed while they conduct an investigation.

The vehicles were not damaged in the collision, according to T officials.

MBTA officers were interviewing additional passengers who were on the two trains to get information about the accident.