It was thought selling naming rights would kick some much needed cash the MBTA’s way, but it doesn’t seem companies are all that interested in such an investment.

According to a report, no company matched the T’s required minimum bid amount for nine stations and three lines up for grabs

JetBlue–which already branded the interior of some Red Line cars last fall–did place a bid, rather cheekily, on Blue Line naming rights. The only problem was: the T had set the minimum bidding price at $1.2 million, and JetBlue’s offer was lower than that.

It’s “unclear,” why more bids weren’t submitted, T spokesman Joe Pesaturo told Masslive.

A minimum $1.2 million bid was also required for Green and Red Line annual naming rights.

The T asked for a minimum of $1 million for Park Street, Back Bay, Downtown Crossing, North Station, State Street, South Station, and Boylston station annual naming rights–and $500,000 for Yawkey Station.

The deadline for companies to submit bids for those stations and lines was yesterday, Thursday, Feb. 27. However, the T will still accept letters of interest from companies looking to name other “stations, lines, and parking garages.”

In the past, T has said it would listen to a company that expressed interest in purchasing branding the MBTA.