Despite the heavy snowfall and the blistering blizzard slamming the Bay State, crews from the MBTA have been out clearing the tracks to make sure parts of the transportation system don’t get buried beneath a blanket of white.

Even though the T closed down to customers at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, as Massachusetts prepared for the historic storm to hit the area, workers have been documenting their time on the job.

Below is a video from behind the controls of an MBTA train as it travels down the tracks in the snowstorm.


A second video shows the snow flurry from behind the windshield of an Orange Line train traveling past Malden during the blizzard.

Officials from the MBTA have also been snapping photos and posting them to the T’s official Twitter account, @MBTAgm. Below, workers use equipment to keep key areas cleared out so that the snow doesn’t overwhelm the transportation system.

Here, workers brave the elements to remove the heavy snow  in Coolidge Corner with a skid-steer.

Workers snapped a photo of Boylston Station near Boston Common as the snow whipped around in the wind early in the evening.


Enjoy these other user-submitted photos from around Massachusetts. And stay safe and inside!