On February 1, the MBTA will completely switch mobile parking payment providers, so the authority is asking its customers to sign up, stat.

PayByPhone Technologies will fully become the T’s new parking payment provider next month. Anyone still using ParkMobile must register with the new service by Feb.1 to continue paying for parking on the go.

(Note: location zone numbers will change. Click here for the new ones.)

“There were not any problems with ParkMobile,” MassDOT spokesperson Kelly Smith told BostInno in an email. “[Parkmobile’s existing contract] was expiring and we needed to send it out for rebid. PayByPhone was the low bidder on the new contract to provide the services we need for our customers.”

PayByPhone is already used in Miami, San Francisco, Vancouver and Dallas. According to the MBTA, the switch will make paying for spots “lots faster and more convenient.”

Signs announcing the switch were scheduled to begin appearing today, January 13. PayByPhone MBTA services have also gone live.

To register for the new service, click here.

PayByPhone has an app for iPhone, iPad, Android and (weird) Blackberry users. If without one of those gadgets, go here.

There are over 55,000 T parking spots available, spread across 103 locations. Daily rates range from $4 to $7.