The MBTA’s new general manager, Beverly Scott, is full of holiday cheer.

After a group of more than a dozen Christmas carolers were booted from the Forest Hills T station platform by Transit Police on Monday night, because they didn’t have the proper permitting, Scott vowed to find a safe place for the group to perform to bring joyful tunes to T travelers.

According to a Tweet from Rev. Laura Everett, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches, the choir set out to surprise riders at the bustling transit stop with some catchy tunes for the Christmas season.

But after a brief time bringing in the holiday cheer, they were asked by Transit Police to move along.

Everett said she understood there are rules, and the cops seemed “none too happy about enforcing them,” but she was surprised they did.

“This is the scandalous church lady life I live. Christmas caroling without a permit,” she wrote.

When BostInno reached out to MBTA Spokesman Joe Pesaturo to ask about the alleged Transit Police Scrooges shooing the singers from their impromptu stage, he said they did not have the proper permits and were not in accordance with the “Subway Performers Program’s rules.”

The program first went into place in 2003, and requires group performers to register individually and to obtain ID badges from Transit authorities.

“Transit Police asked the 10 to 12 performers who were inside the station if they had a permit.  They did not, and so they were asked to leave the busy spot teeming with pedestrians,” Pesaturo said in a statement to BostInno.  “In the spirit of the holidays, however, GM Scott would like to invite the singers back. Transit Police and station personnel will find a suitable and safe location where their voices of the season can be enjoyed by one and all.”

Pesaturo said on Tuesday that Scott accepted an invitation to sing with the group at Forest Hills Station on Wednesday evening.


Do you want to hear carolers sing on the T’s platform?