Adios, Chicken Selects.

In a move that’s sure to make fast food enthusiasts (including myself) cringe, McDonald’s today announced that it will be getting rid of several items from its menu to make way for new limited-time menu items in 2013. According to a report by the Associated Press, McDonald’s is cutting Chicken Selects and Fruit & Walnut Salads from their menus, as well as considering the removal of Angus Third Pounders.

The discontinuation of these items will be replaced by new menu items, including the already-available Fish McBites (which you’ve inevitably seen the commercials for) and the upcoming McWrap chicken sandwiches. The latter will come later this year, served in three flavor varieties, according to the AP.

McDonald’s Chicken Selects are just shy of 10 years old,  having first been introduced in 2004. The Fruit & Walnut Salad was introduced on the menu in 2005, while the Angus Third Pounders were introduced most recently in 2009.

Perhaps these newly extinct items will become like the McRib, a fan favorite that was first introduced to the McDonald’s menu in 1982, and quickly cancelled just three years later in 1985 due to low sales. It made a comeback when it was reintroduced to the menu in 1989, where it stayed until 2005. Since 2006, McDonald’s makes the McRib available for limited periods of time, much to the delight of those with McRib obsessions (seriously, people dedicate entire websites to finding this fast food item).

Along with the McRib, the Chicken Selects and the Fruit & Walnut Salad will join the ranks of other cancelled McDonald’s items such as the McLobster, the McHotdog, the McPizza, the McSpaghetti, and the McLean Deluxe, a low fat burger made with seaweed. Yes, all of those items actually existed, and yes, it’s easy to see why they failed. For more extinct McDonald’s products, check out this list here.

Will you miss McDonald’s Chicken Selects and the Fruit & Walnut Salad?