Answering the prayers of likely no one, McDonald’s will be adding bone-in chicken wings to their national menu starting next month. They’ll be coming to some cities as soon as September 9, and available everywhere by September 24. That barely gives us any time to prepare for this latest chicken assault, McD’s.

The “Mighty Wings” (not “McChicken Wings”) will be a limited-time menu item, flying the coop by mid November. According to Bloomberg, the addition is part of current CEO Donald Thompson’s plan to boost domestic sales by revamping the menu to make it more innovative. For instance, Angus third-pounders are out, egg white breakfast sandwiches are in. And chicken wings, it seems.

While egg whites are huge among the “this makes me feel healthier” demo in America, chicken wings from a fast food joint seem questionable. I don’t mind a good pile of buffalo wings, but finding a bone in any of my late-night McDonald’s fare would be such a horror that I don’t think I’d ever order up that experience on purpose. But, Bloomberg reports the new addition is all planned out in conjunction with football season. See, sports fans? You did this.

The wings will be flavored with cayenne and chili pepper, and ranch, honey mustard and BBQ sauces will be offered on the side. Not quite “innovative” dipping options, but if ranch is involved, I’m officially intrigued.

But if chicken wings on the McDonald’s menu are too much for you to stomach, here’s a different food chain menu update you’ll likely be able to handle: Subway is rolling out with garlic bread rolls this September. Ah, that sounds much more natural.

Would you dare to try McDonald’s chicken wings?