Your company has a content marketing team, but you’re not quite satisfied with how you measure the team’s impact. Social shares, page views and unique visitors don’t cut it. What you really need is a better way to understand how blog posts, white papers, infographics and other kinds of content generate leads and, ultimately, revenue.

Pawan Deshpande
Pawan Deshpande

According to Boston marketing tech company Curata, there hasn’t been a way to directly measure these kinds of things — until now.

The company — made up of alumni from Google, Microsoft, MIT and Yale — announced on Wednesday the official launch of its new Content Marketing Platform, which lets marketers plan, manage and measure their content efforts throughout the sales and marketing process, with the ability to measure the exact revenue brought in by every piece of content.

Pawan Deshpande, Curata’s founder and CEO, told BostInno that Curata is able to measure the impact content has on sales and marketing efforts by integrating with several systems, including WordPress, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Pardot and Marketo. Through this, Curata is able to measure how many leads and how much revenue every single piece of content brings in.

“I think first and foremost this helps [companies] justify their content marketing budgets,” Deshpande said, adding that there can sometimes be skepticism from the CEO and other employees when it comes to the impact of content. “Aside from that, it helps them make decisions on how to produce better content.”

It helps them make decisions on how to produce better content.

Through using its own platform, Deshpande said Curata was able to figure out that weekly short-form blog posts weren’t generating as many sales leads as long-form posts. In fact, long-form posts performed better than short-form posts by a magnitude of nine. So Curata decided to stop publishing short-form posts altogether and just focus on longer posts on a twice-weekly basis, and the company has had far more returns since then.

Curata’s Content Marketing Platform can also help marketers figure out what kinds of content and what kinds of topics perform best. It can also help teams better measure how each member is performing.

The platform is already being used by, Zendesk, Symantec, the Detroit Pistons and Nuance. Curata currently has 41 employees and while Deshpande didn’t disclose the exact number of customers it has, he said it’s in the hundreds.

Curata's new Content Marketing Platform.
Curata’s new Content Marketing Platform.