Today, MassChallenge joined by Governor Deval Patrick, announced 125 finalists in the world’s largest global start-up competition. Hundreds of expert judges from the startup ecosystem selected these finalists after 2 rounds of judging on 733 original entries from 24 countries and 34 states. The accelerator program starts on June 27 and the final ceremony will be held on October 20.

“The MassChallenge competition is a great example of the robust, collaborative community of innovators in the Commonwealth. Our ability to attract and engage high-growth startups from around the world is a reflection of our global competiveness, and is an excellent indication that we will continue to lead the country in innovation, job creation and economic growth for years to come,” said Governor Patrick.

Congrats to all of the 2011 MassChallenge Finalists! Here is THE LIST with a Tweetable elevator pitch for most of them. To learn more about MassChallenge and read some of our coverage from last year, click here.


The easiest way to create video content on the web!


Abazyme provides novel tools that accelerate life science discoveries,
leading to new treatments for disease.

Acellera Therapeutics

We have developed a platform technology for localized
immunesuppression with fewer off-target adverse effects.

ADC2 Technologies

Video compression 5-10 times better than any codec for any
resolution. No quality loss. No codec changes.


Online end-of-life planning platform

Aid Aide

Aid Aide is like Turbotax for college financial aid. Fill out forms in
under 1 hour, and get more aid money.

AirVentions Inc

AirVentions collision avoidance systems keep flights safe, on-time
and saves the airline industry billions!

Alkeus Pharmaceuticals

Altaeros Energies

Altaeros adapts proven aerospace technology to develop a low cost,
rapid deployment wind turbine.


World’s largest online altruistic social experiment. Help others,
inspire altruism, spark a MOVEMENT.

AlwaysOn Technologies

@CloudBrowse delivers Flash/Java on iPhone/iPad. #Awesome.

ARO Medical, LLC

Reducing back pain and improving patients’ lives with an implantable
brace for back surgery patients.


Artaic creates custom tile mosaics using robotic manufacturing and
computer aided design systems.

ArtVenue changes the game for artists by making it simple to
book shows in local businesses.


axena technologies

Axena Technologies, Inc. is an early stage start-up working to
combat healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Biba Beverages

Sparkling, healthy all natural beverage, vitamins, electrolytes! No
caffeine, low calories and it works!


On Bindo, you can search for and buy products at local stores. We’ll
tell you where to find what you want.

BIOARRAY Therapeutics

Diagnostics for effective cancer treatment sooner . . . because breast
cancer affects us all.

Blank Label

If you like compliments, you’ll love Blank Label custom dress shirts


Bookxor shows instructors how to help their students by analyzing
student learning behavior.

BOSS Medical

Casa Couture

Casa Couture launches first maternity shoe on the market with
patented technology designed just for pregnancy.


@Celludrive is a smartphone app giving parents peace of mind &
teenagers driving freedom


We use DNA to create a better water filter.


Chromatan’s CCTC is a new scalable, disposable and cost saving
purification technology for therapeutic drugs


Cocomama Foods

Cocomama Foods is a nutrition-based, gluten-free food brand

CoolChip Technologies

We make a near liquid-cooling level, 10X better air cooler for PCs,
game consoles, and servers

Day2Night Convertible Heels

Day2Night Convertible High Heel Shoes convert from high heels
down to low heels by simply pressing a button.

Diffuse 5

Diffuse 5 connects the LGBT community by bringing together the
best of Facebook, Eventbrite, Yelp and Amazon

Down to Earth Waste Solutions


“Groupon for Wine”

Educate Lanka Foundation. Inc (ELF)

A web-centric sponsorship model to empower underprivileged
students to have greater access to education.

Electric Pipeline Company

Underground power transmission defeats NIMBY and enables
renewable energy.


Eos Photonics

Eos designs and manufactures high power infrared lasers for
environmental and homeland security applications


EqualApp’s online admissions counseling program is proven to get
students admitted to colleges of their choice


EverTrue connects donor databases with the social graph to offer
better prospect intelligence

Factor Bioscience

Factor provides cells to the pharmaceutical industry to enable next
generation drug discovery.


Fairbooks buys textbooks from primarily college students and resells
those textbooks online.

Fetch Storage

Fetch Storage is a web-based, full-service alternative to self-storage;
it’s storage, but better.


File2Part is connecting digital and physical worlds using innovative
approach to 3D printing


Finalta provides elegant software solutions to the world’s institutional
asset managers.

FinToolbox (

Wall Street caliber global stock screener for Main Street investors.

Flex Receipts

We are a digital receipts solution that enables consumers to access
all their receipts on one central website


FredRover drives discovery of a broader range of apps for consumers
and expands distribution for developers

Freedom TeleWorkers & Technologies (FT&T)

FT&T-the world’s first home agent marketplace with robust call
center technology to save money and the planet.


A new experiment in online learning brings fun and rewarding
challenges into the language learning process. is a behavior analytics company for health and wellness

Go GaGa

Go GaGa creates ergonomically safe and stylish diaper bags featuring
our patent pending strap.


Raise money for your cause with @Good_Two and reward donors
with great deals from cause-minded brands.

Her Campus Media

Her Campus-online mag for college women w natl + local content +
innovative marketing capabilities


Invup promotes, quantifies and rewards social involvement with the
power of game dynamics and social media.

iPresent Communications

We provide a social Learning Management System that makes it easy
to deliver online training and eLearning.

Jump Off Campus


Send real-gifts via text message!

KidsCOOK Productions

KickinKitchen.TV will revolutionize food & health culture & inspire
kids & families make healthy choices

Learning Unlimited

LU leads a movement of college students teaching thousands of high
school students everything and anything.


We make apartment rentals more organized, more efficient, and
more collaborative.


The worlds first dynamic social network targeted and improving the
quality and access of written material


Localocracy provides online engagement software (Conversations and
Q&A) to local governments and media

lynx sportswear

No bouncing breasts! Patent-pending Lynx Sports
Bra=unprecedented comfort, control for large-breasted women.

Made in the Commonwealth

Renewable fuels for the Commonwealth made right here!



MessageAMP is a create once, publish everywhere promotions


Exponentially faster large-scale, multi-class data analysis and
prediction algorithms: we have them.


We are a mobile commerce network that provides small/medium
businesses with “Loyalty 2.0” for their customers.


Hospitals are clean, so why are infections a problem? We stop
infections at the source: the patient’s own nose

National Family Mortgage, LLC

NFM helps protect families who are borrowing or lending money with
relatives to purchase or refinance a home.


netBlazr is Skype for broadband — we use a freemium model and
cloud software to deliver FREE broadband


NeuroScouting optimizes athletic performance through neurosciencebased
training technologies.


Social shopping site that helps you spend money AND earn it


Olapic is CNN’s iReport for everyone. We help publishers to collect
pictures and videos from their audience


Cloud based product development, creating higher
performance products in shorter development time.


Pintley optimizes marketing for brewers by connecting with
customers to create online word-of-mouth campaigns.

PK Clean

Convert the most painful waste to the most useful form of energy
through our patented depolymerization process


Precision slip

Novel drag reducing marine coating that significantly reduces fuel
costs or increases speed for marine vessels

Privy, Inc

Online platform for merchants to run pre-paid deals and gift
certificates directly from their websites


Real-time learning analytics that uses a simple but powerful Q&A
system pushed to a users mobile device.


Events are more fun with friends; RaceMenu makes events more

Rayku is a peer-to-peer micro tutoring site that lets students
share & ask for academic help in real time.


Today in the US there are 150,000 kids silently going blind in one
eye, and we have the solution.


For you, just plain rewards and no cards, for them, incredible
customer data and retention tools!

Resolute Marine Energy

Our objective is to commercialize a wave energy driven desalination
system by 2013 and achieve ROI>10 by 2015


RFvenue makes antenna tech that enable wireless microphone
systems to operate more reliably and efficiently

Roof For Two

Roof For Two provides an innovation in two-wheeler travel that keeps
the rider comfortable in any weather.

Sabi Sushi

Sabi will do for sushi what Chipotle did for the burrito — provide high
quality sushi, quickly and affordably.


Smartphone powered Cardiovascular Diagnostics for the Emerging


@Sanergy makes it profitable to provide sanitation services in urban


Risk rating service for businesses that connect their private networks
with partners and share data with them

Securigin Inc

MIT mobile and PC security startup

Sitting Around


Patent pending scalable pricing innovation to drastically change how
products are priced and sold online.


Stop scrolling through noise to figure out what’s important. SMAK
allows you to check life, not email.

SmarterShade (Lono LLC)

Imagine – being able to electronically darken a window with the flip
of a switch. This is SmarterShade.


Snapette: fashion gets social and mobile! Get connected to other
stylish women and hot local fashion finds.


SocMetrics helps companies engage key influencers in their niche to
build word of mouth and grow sales

Solid Access Technologies LLC

Solid Access ultra fast silicon data storage devices accelerate
business critical applications.


Speedbump, a smartphone solution that encourages a dialogue about
driving safety between parents and teens


SplitTheRent makes it simple to share apartments fairly. You share
expenses and we keep track of what you owe.

StarStreet – The Sports Stock Market

StarStreet is a real money sports stock market. Imagine E*Trade,
but filled with players instead of companies.


miniature low cost solar thermal power plant for electrifying clinics
and schools in developing countries

Strohl Medical Technologies, Inc.


Style Networking Service that bridges fashion lovers and online
retailers through street fashion snaps sharing


A conscious e-commerce marketplace that empowers citizens to fund
educator projects by shopping local.


Browse the world around you with your mobile phone – hyper
detailed maps and other hyper-local information.


USDA: Farms use 90% of water in US; 60% overwater. Our cloud
based sensors nearly eliminate overwatering.


Textaurant lets patrons wait online – not in line – and restaurants
send special offers in real-time.

The Tap Lab

The Tap Lab makes mobile games that allow players to compete with
real people, at real places, in real time.

Therapeutic Systems

Vayu is a medical device that helps people with autism break down
barriers and become more engaged in life.


ThinkLite provides turnkey lighting solutions that enhance aesthetics
and reduce energy expenses by up to 90%;

Tinfoil Security

Automated web security for small businesses like us who are ‘too
busy shipping’ to worry about security.


UberSense enables athletes & coaches improve using video analysis
and social collaboration on mobile/web apps.

Ubiquitous Energy


unCHARTED begins where your guidebook ends. An Etsy-like
marketplace for experiences. Travel like a local.


vSnap makes it ultra-easy for people to use short, rich video
messages to feel closer and more connected.

Wave Thread

Wave thread fastener has total surface contact that can’t over
tightened, no vibrational loosening; is sealed.

WGBH National Center for Accessible Media/Technologies for the Wider World

The world is full of technology for school, work and fun. The world is
also full of people who can’t use it.


“ProTools meets Google Docs”


Manufacturing high-quality, low-cost, eco-friendly sanitary pads for
the bottom of the pyramid market in Kenya


ZarzaTech develops a pharmaceutical topical product for the
treatment of periodontitis and gingivitis

Zero+ Continuous-Feed Thermoplastic Building Envelopes via CAD-CAM

Zinaura Pharmaceuticals

Improving the lives of patients by addressing profound unmet need
in epilepsy and pain via development of HupA