Boston is burgeoning with twenty-somethings – even if the phrase, at this point, makes you cringe (thanks, Thought Catalog), the presence of a young, urban population in this city is one to embrace. Sure, those of us who recently graduated college, likely one of Boston’s many universities, and have been released into the real world may need some guidance before finding the proper path but for that, we have the Internet.

BuzzFeed has swooped in to curate GIF list upon GIF list to track exactly what it feels like to be in your 20s, but the behemoth site isn’t the only one providing reprieve to the daily struggle of the post-grad. Enter Forever Twenty Somethings.

The Boston-based blog appeals to women and men in their 20s across the country. Founded by Samantha Matt, a 25-year-old Ithaca College grad currently working by day at NECN, the site covers topics across the board, like Life, Love, Careers, Style and Entertainment. Some of the posts are in list form (“7 Reasons Why I’m a Bravoaholic”), others focus on reviews (“Twenty-Somethings Love: Tone It Up”), but when Matt started the blog in 2011, she was doing something right. People showed interest in her site, so she started to write more.

“The articles people were reading the most were life as a twenty-something and post-college. They felt connected, saying ‘We’re like the same person,'” said Matt. “So, a lot of it was about that, but we also post about entertainment, career and dating, basically anything.”

The connection that wayward grads feel on the Internet is unprecedented, and that makes room for more content focused on the lives of those still trying to get their lives in order. As of now, the site has 19 regular contributors, who Matt will correspond with via email to propose content ideas, dole out assignments and heed questions.

“I have so many ideas,” said Matt. “But not the time to write everything.”

According to Matt, the blog has its biggest audiences in Boston and New York, where young professionals abound, and can bond over the snow-ridden weather of the east coast. She says the blog “touches on everything,” as it must in order to appeal to the widely different range of 22 to 29 year olds, which is unpredictable.

“Some of us have friends getting engaged at 22, while a 28 year old can be no where near that point at all,” said Matt.

Nearing the blog’s three year anniversary, Matt wanted to do something that would push the site forward and connect its readers. So, the site is throwing it’s first event, which will nowhere near resemble the stiff, pressure-laden networking events that twenty-somethings scrambling for a new connection know too well. Instead, it’s more of a party, at a bar (something twenty-somethings also know too well).

The F*** Your Couch Party will be Friday, February 21 at Brahmin, with tickets ($18) on sale until Sunday, February 9. The site’s team is inviting twenty-something Bostonians to come out of New England winter hibernation and party for a night amongst their peers. Ticket price includes one drink ticket, three raffle tickets offering prizes like a one-day ski trip and membership to the Boston Ski and Sports Club, a gift card to Tavern Road and more, and line-cutting access.

If you’re interested in writing for Forever Twenty Somethings, click here.