For the first time ever, TechStars Boston is running two classes in a single year, a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that they announced this intention as recently as April. But in that short amount of time they’ve pulled everything together, and today (Thursday) marked the kickoff of the new program.

The start of the program comes on the same day that Tech Cocktail ranked TechStars Boston the 8th best accelerator in the U.S.

Tonight, Katie Rae posted on the TechStars blog announcing the 13 program participants. Writes Rae:

Many of the companies are from the Boston area but we also have teams from Israel, Slovenia, Colombia and Ann Arbor.  If experience is a guide, I know they will all be blown away by the welcome they receive from the Boston community.

Drum roll please…

BetterFit Technologies

BetterFit Technologies is committed to facilitating data-driven healthcare decisions for patients and providers.
We’re different because we consider the unique complexities of the individual, not just what’s known about their drugs.


TechStars description:

BookingMarkets lets small and large web sites connect travelers with unique places to stay around the world.

Website description:

Build, launch, and monetize your customized marketplace of hotels, hostels, b&bs, or vacation rentals.


CoachUp helps athletes achieve their full potential in sports by connecting them with great private coaches.

(I covered their launch in May. At that time they’d already taken on an undisclosed amount from angels.)

Fashion Project

Fashion Project lets you DONATE your high-end clothes, shoes, and accessories right on our website to the charity of your choice. You can also SHOP for these coveted, designer items (at an amazing price) knowing a portion of the proceeds will go to a great cause.

We covered Fashion Project here.


The note-taking application that fits your busy lifestyle.


Our goal is to make saving money as fun and rewarding as spending it. How? By giving you the ability to save anytime, anywhere, to any of your savings goals, into a secure savings account.

We covered ImpulseSave in June.


Med2Bed connects hospitals and post-acute care facilities to improve patient outcomes.


NBD makes use of a nano-scale surface to enhance water condensation. Mimicking the Namib Desert Beetle, our nanotechnology can be used to collect water in the most arid regions of the world.

Best name ever. I have to hope it came from one time saying “we make use of a nano-scale surface to enhance water condensation. It’s NBD.” The company has raised $190,000 according to a tweet by co-founder Miguel Galvez.


Ovuline is a free ovulation calendar developed by Harvard scientists. It is very clinically accurate and easy to use. Give it a try and see for yourself.


Saverr helps consumers save together. Connecting online and offline shopping.


Activity stream of your small business.

Plus two stealth co’s: Wymsee and another one not yet named.

I’m pleased to see a couple of health IT startups in here, as that should be a great sector for Boston but it’s thus far quite immature. Healthbox and Rock Health will help, but having a couple of TechStars companies in the mix is a nice bonus. As Scott Kirsner notes, CoachUp and NBD are both MassChallenge companies as well.

You can read our coverage of the 2012 Spring TechStars Boston Demo Day here. And an update we did on the 2011 class back in the spring is below: