After working as a “buzz builder” for Likeable Media, Bentley University senior Melissa Reohr (@sMelissaReohr) can say she knows what goes on in to building a brand. And not only a company’s brand, but her personal brand, as well.

Although admittedly addicted to social media, Reohr refuses to call herself a “social media guru,” telling us, “If I see that in your Twitter bio, I will automatically assume that you’re just full of yourself.” So, Reohr lets her tweets, followers and interactions speak for themselves, which must be the right thing to do, since she caught our eye. If it’s safe to call her anything, it’s one “social media savvy student.”

We reached out to Reohr with questions to learn more about how she’s built her following, and why she chose to be so synced in, in the first place. If you haven’t yet met her, we suggest you get to know her now. Word on the street is, she’s one of Greater Boston’s Most Likeable students.

When did you first create your Twitter account, and why did you initially sign up to the site? 

I first created my Twitter account in September 2009. I originally thought it was just a new platform for silly AIM or Facebook statuses, but I sure was wrong. My friend Eddy O’Mara, who was “hip” on these sort of things, created my account for me. To be honest, I didn’t start using my account until I studied abroad in Dublin. When I came back from abroad, I became “addicted” to tweeting from my iPhone, and it all went from there.

What do you mainly use Twitter for? 

I use Twitter for any type of information flow I am interested in — news, social media, favorite bands, friends’ lives and Boston happenings. I also love connecting with people’s companies; Twitter is one of the easiest ways to make “connections” nowadays. Whenever I get replied to or retweeted, it’s just a great feeling.

Should all students by synced in to social media?

 Yes! I think that all college students should definitely get involved. Even if you’re an accounting major (as most Bentley students are) you can benefit from having an online portfolio. Social media isn’t just for those who love it, but it’s more for people to get in touch with other people with similar interests.

You tweet on a fairly consistent basis. Any tips and tricks on tweeting regularly? 

Use your phone! I tweet more from my iPhone than the web because I’m always on-the-go, and it’s just much easier. Also, don’t be scared to tweet. Some of my friends have told me that they don’t have anything interesting to say and they don’t just want to complain. Try starting by reaching out to friends/companies or retweeting them. I also use HootSuite to schedule my morning quotations and some articles that I’d like to be tweeted multiple times. I wouldn’t recommend doing this all the time, but scheduling tweets is the easiest way to still tweet when you’re busy.

As a former “buzz builder,” how do you think companies can best engage with their customers? 

I think that social media is the easiest way to interact, out of store, with your customer, because it’s much easier to tweet at a company than to call directly. When I find out about a new company, my automatic reaction is to look for Facebook and Twitter pages. If they don’t exist, or are hardly used, I automatically think the company isn’t doing all that it can to interact with customers.

What are your favorite Twitter handles to follow?

My absolute favorite account to follow is @ThoughtCatalog, because I love all of the articles. I also like following @ManRepeller, because she has crazy, insane outfits and always looks like she is up to something fun. @lululemon is also great for motivation.

Since I’m in the sorority Alpha Phi, I like keeping up with our international office, @AlphaPhiIntl. At Bentley, the @BentleyLibrary is one of the most active faculty-run Twitter accounts. I spend a lot of time in the library — sadly enough — but whenever I have a comment or issue, the library will tweet back at me right away. For campus organizations, I think that @HCBentley and @BentleyCAB have the most active accounts.

As for student accounts, @LaurenZinn, @iamkatieshill, @enormandeau, @BeckyFinnz and @IAmBrianShea always keep me updated on what’s going on at Bentley. For people talking about Boston, I follow @BostonTweet, @certaintragedy, @linaroque, @amstefano988, @ashlyn_stours and @emmatangerine. Honorable mention goes to @smellenreohr — my mom!

Has it been harder to connect with those in the city, because Bentley’s outside of the city? 

Ah — yes, this has definitely been a struggle. Bentley is its own little “bubble” in Waltham, so going to Boston isn’t always just a spur of the moment trip. I lived in Boston for the past two summers, so it definitely helped me meet people. Also, working at Likeable helped me to meet tons of 20-somethings in Boston, who also love social media. To be honest, I just reach out to people a lot on Twitter, which has definitely helped, too.

What’s next for you after Bentley? 

I’ll be living in my first apartment in Somerville with two of my Alpha Phi sisters. I actually just got a job offer for a social media position, but I haven’t signed the papers yet, so I don’t want to give it away! I’m excited to be in the Boston area for the next year.