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In the water, Michael Phelps has spent his time earning 18 Olympic gold medals. Out of the water, he spends his time dissing Boston.

The athlete was in town over the weekend, taking to Twitter to share his Boston experience. He sent out the following tweet at 3:24 a.m. on Sunday morning:

Love Boston…. Amazing… @julepbar was awesome… But one thing that was upsetting was we tried to order pizza from @pizzaring said they said it takes over an hour to get a pie when they’re down the street… Seems unreal… Goodnight tweeps !! Go ravens!!!

Thanks for the most backhanded compliment ever, Phelps. The athlete spent 38 of the 44 words in the tweet dissing Boston. Sure, he loved Julep Bar. But he then went over Twitter’s 140 character limit to complain about our “unreal” late night pizza situation. And, the icing on the cake, decided to throw in his support for the Ravens just hours before the AFC Championship game.

Here’s the thing. You are Michael Phelps. You are one of the world’s most celebrated Olympians. Why are you calling pizza places at 3 a.m. and not announcing yourself?

At your best, you’ve been known to consume 12,000 calories a day. Brands like Subway are chomping at the bit to get you on board. You could probably have any food your heart desires. Yet, you still decided to call some Cambridge pizza place (with crappy Yelp reviews, might I add) when you were hungry.

Pizza Ring’s manager confirmed our suspicions that flaunting his celebrity would have gotten him whatever he wanted. The manager told the Boston Globe that he had no idea Phelps was on the other line, and had he known, “He would have had royal service.”

We’ve all heard of the munchies, Phelps. Use your status to cure them.