[UPDATE: Based on reader comments, we threw together some of the best Tetris hacks.]

We all know the students at MIT love a good hack, but what’s better than playing a game while doing it? Last night, a team took over the side of MIT’s Green Building and turned it into a giant, playable, multi-color Tetris game.

Home of the Institute’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science, the Green Building lends itself as an ideal grid for the game. According to the IHTFP Hack Gallery, “MIT hackers have long considered ‘Tetris on the Green Building’ to be the Holy Grail of hacks.”

The game started off by scrolling the word “Tetris,” and as the players moved on, the levels became progressively harder. The second level kicked off with more pale colors, while the third involved the colors shifting on-screen. Once someone lost the game, all of the blocks would fall to the bottom of the building. Just check out the cleverness for yourself. (Bonus: There’s a video beneath the slideshow.)