MIT might have already showed off their “Startup Style,” but the PSY-inspired antics haven’t stopped there. A “Gangnam Style” fever has swept over the Institute, leaving poor Tim the Beaver tirelessly horsey-ing around campus, gyrating in elevators and awkwardly hugging passersby.

He’s not the only one getting in on the fun, however. According to the video below, linguist and MIT Professor Noam Chomsky has caught the South Korean bug, as well. Yes, we now have a “Chomsky Style,” and it involves hunkering down in your textbook-filled office, casually sipping on tea.

The parody video was directed and edited by senior Eddie Ha, produced by junior Ingwon Chae and features fellow senior Richard Yoon as MIT’s PSY. And if Chomsky wasn’t enough reason to click “play,” we have Biology Professor Eric Lander dancing on desks, MIT’s Dean of Admissions Stu Schmill busting a move and Donald Sadoway focused on something other than swapping battery stories on The Colbert Report.

This video might have also been made to prove MIT has an athletics department. (I know, we forget sometimes, too.)

Even though PSY might not have learned much in school, we bet he’d still find this parody impressive. Once you hear the a cappella, we doubt you’ll disagree.