At MIT, there’s no better way to start a new year than with a new hack. Despite construction to the Institute’s Great Dome, a group of savvy students placed a Pac-Man there on Thursday, engaged in a head-to-head battle with Blinky, one of Pac-Man’s four enemies.

Image Jay London/@MIT_alumni
Image via @giovanni_sv

Alumni blog Slice of MIT slightly sarcastically suggests the Pac-Man, Blinky battle is intended to serve as a metaphor for the upcoming semester. They write, “Pac-Man represents the unquenchable search for knowledge, while Blinky represents the unforeseen distractions that may occur.”

Or, the students were hankering to pull a prank over winter break and just decided to pay homage to the arcade game.

After all, the Examiner traced the Ms. Pac-Man game to MIT alumni Kevin Curran and Douglas Macrae back in 2010, and the Media Lab-spun Scratch also features a few Pac-Man recreations and games. Tie that in with the computer-animated television series “Pac-Man: The Adventure Begins,” set to debut later this year, and you have quite the claim.

We’re sure the administration isn’t too pleased this morning. In a prior interview with the Boston Globe, the Institute’s Director of Campus Planning, Engineering and Construction for the MIT Facilities Department, Dick Amster, said, “MIT will take steps to ensure that no future high jinks damage the new skylight,” during and after construction.

All that said, we’ll remind you of what else the students have gotten away with in the past, all while hoping they bring back the Tetris.