Fraternities’ beloved drinking game just received a high-tech upgrade.

Christian Reed, the mechanical engineering student behind Outsmarting Technologies and a Phi Beta Epsilon brother at MIT, has crafted a glowing beer pong table covered in a waterproofing sealant, come complete with a gutter collection system and, most importantly, dual automatic ball washers.

As anyone who’s ever played a fiercely competitive game of beer pong knows, that ball could bounce anywhere: into the pile of dirt you’ve let build for two years behind that beat-up sofa, or scarily close to Katniss’s kitty litter. Sure, you love that furball, but no random partygoer needs to be accidentally gulping her furballs down.

The best outcome would be to sink your ball into an opposing player’s red Solo cup. But think of the backwash that’s settling in there, let alone the dirt and other disgusting unmentionables clinging to the ball now buoyant in your Bud Light.

Reed writes, what he’s coined “The Formidable Beer Pong Table,” was constructed in roughly seven days, from idea to product, and is able to support the withstanding impact of a 215-pound individual.

What’s more, Reed has made it possible for others to construct their own table worthy of chugging champions. He’s published directions to building the table here, and if you want to see why you should spend your time putting it together, watch the video below.

(h/t BroBible