Six months ago Thursday, MIT Police Officer Sean Collier was on duty when his life was senselessly taken. To commemorate his courage, a temporary memorial was unveiled Friday during a ceremony on the school’s campus.

Collier was allegedly killed by the Boston Marathon bombing suspects just inside the corner of Main and Vassar Street. “His dedication to our protection cost him his life,” said MIT Executive Vice President and Treasurer Israel Ruiz during an April memorial service held on campus.

A temporary stone to honor the 27-year-old Collier, complete with flowers and U.S. flags, is currently in place. A permanent memorial will be erected in the future, according to the Associated Press. At 10:20 p.m., MIT will hold a candle light vigil to remember Collier at the exact time his life was taken from the community.  

In mid-August, Collier’s badge was retired and he was posthumously sworn-in as a Somerville police officer. Collier was serving as a civilian in the Somerville Police Department as its webmaster and was set to fulfill his aspirations of joining the department in June.

“He was born to be a police officer,” said Collier’s brother Rob Rogers during the MIT memorial service. “He lived out his dreams.”