Deflategate: Two years have passed (almost to the day) since the controversy was first sparked. But it’s still a sore subject for Patriots fans and true blooded New Englanders alike. While we can’t turn back the clock and salvage the time Tom Brady lost from suspension, there’s hope for the future. One MIT professor just released a video lesson meant to have high school students investigate how Deflategate was the product of physics, not tampering.

John Leonard is a professor of mechanical and ocean engineering and associate department head for research in the MIT department of mechanical engineering. You may remember him as the MIT professor who, shortly after the scandal arose, held a lecture in which he showed how science debunks Deflategate.

Now, he’s back at it again with a free video for high school teachers to use in their classrooms and teach their students the STEM principles behind the 2015 dispute. In the video, called “Temperature, Pressure and American Football: Introduction to Gay-Lussac’s Gas Law,” Leonard walks viewers through the physics of Gay-Lussac’s gas law, the relationship between pressure and temperature, and how these concepts could be used to disprove the NFL’s Deflategate allegations.

You can watch full video lesson plan for yourself below, or revisit the footage from his initial lecture.