After being ranked the best university in the world, as well as the smartest, you’d think MIT would grow tired of reeling in the praises. All that recognition, however, has helped fuel a different ranking by the Global Language Monitor. And now, for the second year in a row, MIT has topped Harvard as the most buzzed-about university online.

The Global Language Monitor measured schools’ Internet clout by going beyond the standard surveys, focusing instead on how often universities appeared on blogs, Twitter and in online media.

MIT’s win last year marked the first time a technical school had ever topped the rankings, and its success was largely attributed to the OpenCourseWare program. Yet, the unveiling of MITx and accompanying edX certainly couldn’t have hurt the Institute’s standing. Over 90,000 people registered for the first MITx course before it even launched. As Global Language Monitor President and Chief World Analyst Paul JJ Payack said:

You can’t have institutions of the stature of MIT, Berkeley and Texas give away their product for free, or millions of students opt for on-line schools or educations provided by for-profit organizations — and not record significant change.  This is all part of the globalization (and democratization) of higher ed.  In fact you need a seismograph to better understand the shifting of the tectonic plates of education, once long thought stable.

Harvard did take the second place spot, which comes as no surprise considering the University partnered with MIT to launch edX. Harvard’s first edX course attracted roughly 100,000 people prior to launch.

The schools rounding out the top 10 included: Columbia, Stanford, the University of California, Berkeley, Yale, the University of Chicago, the University of Texas, Austin, Cornell and Princeton.

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Featured Photo Courtesy of AGNES