With less than a week to go until Thanksgiving, you could prepare by testing out a few new recipes. Or, perhaps you’d rather memorize the instructions to cooking that big, ol’ bird, because you’re meeting your significant other’s family for the first time and don’t want anyone angrily wielding a carving knife in your direction for foolishly flubbing up.

At MIT, however, a group of eight took a different approach to getting ready for Thursday’s festive feast: by spending 30 hours folding paper.

OrigaMIT, the Institute’s premiere origami club, hand-crafted nearly 30 pieces for the holiday, suitable for the center of any Thanksgiving table. We’re talking turkeys, pumpkins, leaves, jackalopes and, of course, the obligatory cornucopia.

The models were made by a mix of students and alumni, including: Mark Tompkins; Jason Ku; Laura Hallock; Rui Wang; Yongquan Lu; Jonathan Tidor; Zi-Ning Choo; and Kitty Sprague.

Enough of me talking, though, just…