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Did you know:

  • Checkmate, the situational conclusion to a game of chess comes from the Persian phrase, “Sh?h M?t,” which translates to “The king is helpless.
  • The reason the pilgrims stopped in Plymouth rather than continuing on sailing was because they were low on supplies (namely, booze).
  • Here in Boston, we wear sweatpants more frequently and with less shame than just about every other city in the entire country.

Yes, you read that last one right. Experian Marketing Services ran a study to find out which American city bought the most sweats in the last 12 months, “as well as the number of individual items they purchased,” and, wouldn’t you know it, the worst dressed city in America also has the sixth most unabashedly voracious appetite for draw strings and cotton leggings.

John Fetto, a researcher at Experian told CBS, “There’s no shame in wearing sweatpants,” but, of course, we all know that’s a crock of shit. He was likely trying to ease the pain that people in top ranked Philadelphia are feeling after the sudden realization that they are doomed to be single for the rest of their waking lives. “The Sex & the City rerun life for we,” responded Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter, but not really.

The study adds:

Perhaps these purchases are fueled by the desire to travel in comfort. Spirit Airlines passengers are the biggest buyers of sweats, followed by Jet Blue, Continental and US Air. Foreign airlines have really high sweat purchase numbers too ľ especially — Asian carriers. On the flipside, Southwest Airlines passengers buy the fewest number of sweat apparel items.

Located roughly 3,000 miles east of Los Angeles and 3,000 miles west of England, it plants our fair city smack dab in the middle of Hollywood and Europe, which, one would think, would make for a wonderful layover spot for travelers and an even better place to have the epiphany that comfort rules over style when it comes to flying.

Although it could also just be the thousands upon thousands of annoying college kids who love to moan, “I, like, can’t even believe I left the house like this,” because they’re wearing sweatpants and Ugg, as if that in itself isn’t a blatant fashion statement, but who knows. “It’s nebulous,” Michael Scott might say.

Here’s the top 20 in full:

  1. Philadelphia, PA
  2. Hartford, CT
  3. Pittsburgh, PA
  4. Lafayette, LA
  5. Laredo, TX
  6. Boston, MA
  7. New York, NY
  8. Los Angeles, CA
  9. Victoria, TX
  10. Scranton, PA
  11. Salt Lake City, UT
  12. Marquette, MI
  13. Milwaukee, WI
  14. Washington, DC
  15. Austin, TX
  16. Watertown, MA
  17. Jacksonville, FL
  18. Idaho Falls, ID
  19. Providence, RI
  20. Chicago, IL

Take that, New York!