People may no longer have a reason to fear a trip to the dentist thanks to this Boston-area company. Natick, Mass.-based dental equipment and technology company Convergent Dental, Inc. announced on Wednesday that it has closed $8 million in an oversubscribed round of funding, led by Amherst, Mass.-based Long River Ventures and other individual investors. This funding will allow the company to meet the growing demand for Solea technology, the world’s first computer-aided CO2 laser used for both hard and soft tissue of the mouth. With recent FDA clearance, the laser can now be used to ease the anxiety many people have about going in to see the dentist.

Research from the American Dental Association shows that nearly a quarter of all Americans avoid the dentist because they’re afraid. Convergent Dental is on a mission to help those that fall into this category to get to the dentist by taking away the drills, needles and various dental procedures that make the prospect of going in for a checkup turn into a painful experience. In fact, research has shown that using the Solea laser cuts tooth enamel without the patient experiencing any pain at all.

“Solea’s immediate impact on the dental industry and patient experience is proof that the world is ready for a pain-free dental laser,” said Convergent Dental CEO Michael Cataldo in a press release. “This round of funding will focus on strategic growth to execute Convergent Dental’s mission to vastly improve the patient dental experience. Without fear of the dentist, millions of people are more likely to receive the oral care they need to lead healthy lives.”

This round of funding will put the company in a position to use the technology immediately; giving a dread-free dental experience to patients ASAP.

Image via Flickr Creative Commons (Jaromír Chalabala)