Happy National Burger Day, Boston! Today is the day to celebrate one of America’s most beloved meals — meaty, juicy, flavorful burgers. Whether you’re into traditional patties or outrageous creations, the burger can (and should!) be celebrated in all shapes and forms today. In fact, May is also National Burger Month, and while the month may be waning, it’s practically your duty as an American to eat your way through the rest of May, elbows deep in hamburgers, cheeseburgers and veggie burgers.

Boston has its pick of all of the above, but which patties truly stand out amongst the others? We’ve rounded up nine of our favorite burgers around the Hub. These charbroiled, grilled and deep-fried burger renditions dishes pack a punch, both in flavor and uniqueness, and will leave you full and happy long after National Burger Day has subsided.

Go forth and eat, my friends!