The rule that “good things come in threes” may prove true for the startup community in 2012. First came the successful destruction of the government’s attempt to infiltrate our internet with SOPA. Then came the regulation-reducing, startup-incubating JOBS Act.

Yesterday, Senator Mary Landrieu and the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship met for the third time to discuss the addition of yet another watershed bill for entrepreneurs.  The roundtable discussion was titled “Perspectives from the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Creating Jobs and Growing Businesses Through Entrepreneurship”* and featured countless entrepreneurs from a variety industries. Those in attendance included Alex Laskey, President and Founder of Opower, Jennifer Hymen, CEO and Co-Founder of Rent the Runway, Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneurship Council, Juliet Gorman, Communications Director at Etsy, Nishith Acharya, Director of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and others.

Robert Sawicki, communications director for the Committee told the Washington Post that the “ultimate goal is to take the ideas that come out of these discussions and use them as a foundation for a major piece of entrepreneurship legislation.”

According to Inc., the committee is looking to solve a number of problems. Those proposed include a revised immigration visa process, “new policies aimed at improving entrepreneurs’ access to capital,” stronger tax incentives for innovation, and more.

There is no exact timetable on when the Committee will propose legislation, but an Inc. article says it could come as soon as this summer.

*(No, it was not held at the Redundant Department of Redundancy, but it should have been.)

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