A new online math enrichment tool called Smartick has launched in the U.S., determined to help children ages 4-14 better understand and appreciate math in 15 minutes a day.

Smartick is designed to complement classroom math lessons, help children strengthen their math skills through a customized and personalized curriculum, accelerate learning, and increase overall comfort with math skills. The program enables children to work at their own pace from anywhere they have access to a connected computer or tablet.

“Math skills are more important than ever and it is our goal to help children learn math and enjoy it,” said Conchi Ruiz, vice president, U.S. operations. “Whether a student is facing difficulties in math or is looking to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom, Smartick provides an opportunity for children to independently unleash their full potential and have fun while doing it.”

Smartick’s methodology includes highly-focused, short bursts of practice with lessons that continually adapt to a child’s needs and progress. The program incorporates global best practices of learning methodologies, such as JUMP, Singapore Math, Jo Boaler, traditional Jpanese methods and new and combined with findings from research conducted at leading learning institutions such as Harvard and Chicago University.

Smartick was founded by two Spanish entrepreneurs in 2011 with the goal of improving the teaching of mathematics to students ages 4-14. Used in more than 42 countries globally, Smartick has helped students improve their math score results by 30-40 percent in official standardized tests. In 2015, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Smartick formed a strategic partnership to help accelerate the expansion of Smartick into the North American market

As part of its U.S. launch, Smartick has partnered with Brookview House in Dorchester, offering free access to the program to families staying in the shelter. The company is also piloting a program with children participating in afterschool programs at Empow Studios in Lexington.

The Smartick app is available for iOS and Android, with pricing ranging from $24- $49 a month.

You can sign-up for a free 15-day trial by clicking here. To learn more about this online enrichment tool, watch this summary video