The New Year is just in a few days, and you know what that means: time to finally get a real plan for those resolutions you made a few years ago. If you’re like most people, these resolutions of yours most likely have to do with health and fitness.

In timely fashion, the research arm of Boston-based app analytics company Applause just released its “2016 State of the U.S. Health & Fitness Apps Economy” report and, within it, revealed the top 10 best-rated health and fitness apps across Android and iPhone devices, along with why they received top marks.

Applause’s research arm, ARC, analyzed how U.S. consumers rated the “app quality of 65 brands with the most popular apps” in several health and fitness categories: fitness, nutrition, medical, stress relief and women’s health. Based on its analysis, the group found that health and fitness apps typically rate higher than other kinds of apps.

To determine the top-rated health and fitness apps, ARC looked at the average scores for apps with 10,000 or more reviews on the Google Play and the Apple App Store. Here are the 10 top-rated apps with average scores of 66 or higher across both app stores:

  1. Period Calendar / Tracker by ABISHKKING (94.5)
  2. Relax Melodies by Ipnos Software (88.5)
  3. Period Tracker by GP Apps (88.5)
  4. Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal (83.0)
  5. Lose It! by FitNow (82.5)
  6. My Pregnancy Today by BabyCenter (82.5)
  7. Sleep cycle alarm clock by Northcube (79.5)
  8. MapMyRun by MapMyFitness (78.5)
  9. MapMyWalk by MapMyFitness (77.0)
  10. Runkeeper by FitnessKeeper (72.5)

(As you can see, Boston-based companies Lose It! and Runkeeper made the cut.)

ARC said what helped drive these high ratings was “consistent and amazing feedback on attributes such as usability, performance, satisfaction and content.” Other factors that helped the app receives high scores were “elegant user interfaces and simple navigation, quick launch times, fast performance, accurate information, relevant notifications and engaging and fun experiences.”

You can view the full report from Applause here.