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2013. Lucky number 13. The magical year you will find love!

OK, come back down to earth. Not much has changed since December, right? Mr. Right hasn’t magically appeared and the cute girl next door still has no idea what your name is.

Even if you believe in soul mates, destiny, true love and all that jazz, it’s going to take a bit more effort on your part to make things happen. Man (or woman) up, and unsuck your dating life in 2013. Here are 6 things to consider in the upcoming year.

Try Online Dating

Your weird aunt used to find her fourth husband, and now you have a phobia that all men you meet online will be just like him. Now, apply that same logic to the bar. Your weird aunt met her fourth husband at the bar and now you assume all men you meet at the bar will be just like him.

That’s laughable, right? Online dating is just the bar…online. In fact, it’s better than the bar because you can pick your own profile pics and not drop $60 on tequila shots with randos.

You’re already excellent at Facebook stalking, so just apply those skills to OKCupid, and you’re golden.

A word of warning, though: Make sure the person on-screen actually exists in real life.

Go Blind

Trust your friends’ tastes enough to let them set you up. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t go well. Game over; better luck next time.  

Plus, if you’re not doing it for the story, you’re doing it wrong. If it turns out terribly, you’ve got a hilarious story to tell your buddies. If it turns out awesome, you’ve got a hilarious story to tell at your wedding. Win-win.

Resist the Urge to Contact Your Ex

In this case, contact is including but not limited to: calling, texting, sexting, emailing, cybering, Gchatting, stalking and ding-dong ditching.

Contact is not getting you anywhere except the occasional drunken hookup followed by a hungover Sunday afternoon of cursing your stupidity and her manipulative ways.

Newsflash: She didn’t seduce you. You called her 18 times, showed up at her apartment and told her you still love her. Don’t do that this year.

Stop Seducing People You’re Not Interested In

OK, seduction does happen in some cases. And yes, you’re guilty of it. In fact, you just did it over Christmas break. You got drinks with that guy from high school and then made out with him in his car for old time’s sake. For you, it was all fun and games. For him, it was a glimmer of hope that things may finally take off with you in 2013. He’s hopelessly in love with you. Don’t lead him on in 2013. It’s just plain rude. Let him move on.

Stop Saying You Have a “Type”

What’s that even mean? You like tall guys with dark hair? You’re saying that if Ryan Gosling approached you at the bar, you’d be like, “Nahhh, no thanks, dude. I’m gonna wait for that so-so guy who’s been eyeing me all night to come talk to me because he has brown hair and is, like, 7 feet tall.”

Stop it. Just stop. Mr. (or Mrs.) Right likely looks nothing like you think they do. Don’t limit yourself by saying you have a “type.”

Get Over Yourself

You are wonderful, but you’re not perfect. Chances are, the other human beings you’re going to date won’t be perfect either.

Finding someone isn’t the be all end all in life. Once you realize that, you can go on dates without worrying if there is food in your teeth or whether or not your jokes are funny. Just relax and have fun!

Doesn’t having fun in 2013 sound like the best resolution of them all?

What dating resolutions would you add to the list?