The New York City mayoral race has taken on an especially circus-like quality thanks mostly to the presence of former-New York congressman Anthony Weiner. Following Weiner’s notable resignation from his seat in the House of Representatives in June 2011 after it was revealed that he had sent inappropriate pictures of himself over twitter, his political career was thought to be over. However Weiner’s entry into the current race to succeed New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has reintroduced a plot-line that appeared to be done.

Not only was Weiner ahead in the polls for a period of time (a perplexing story in and of itself), but he returned to his scandalous ways recently as well. As it turns out, Weiner didn’t learn his lesson after the first time around, and was using an alias to go online and satiate his apparently bottomless appetite for career self-destruction by acting in a way that no married man (or really any man, for that matter) should behave.

The alias that Weiner used was the fake name “Carlos Danger.” Priceless as this piece of information is by itself, the responses it has generated have been hilarious for both non-New Yorkers and residents of the Big Apple alike, though it’s been undoubtedly depressing to those who are actually attempting to scrutinize the upcoming race with serious eyes.

The New York Sports Club (similar to their Philadelphia counterparts) has made an advertising campaign out of Weiner’s outrageous alias. Check out their latest effort:

Way to keep it serious New York Sports Club. (Image from