Women are more likely than men to be burning the midnight oil at work, according to new data from theFIT, a career site created by Bullhorn, Inc. last month. They are also more likely to work on weekends and while on vacation.

Those are just a few of the conclusions reached by theFIT’s first ever Report on Workplace Culture, which was focused on gender differences in the workplace.

The report also found that women perceive their compensation more positively, relative to their peers, and are more honest about reporting vacation days. (I’d be remiss if I didn’t note the continued injustice of women earning less than men for the same job.)

theFIT’s survey included 5,250 respondents and has a margin of error of +/- 5%.

Here are some highlights about how women work harder than men:

  • Women work more
  • Although the majority of respondents (91%) confine their working hours to five days each week, almost half (47%) claim to work more than eight hours each day.
  • 54% of women report working 9 hours or more a day, compared to 41% of men.
  • On vacation, most workers (65%) do some amount of work.
  • However, women (67%) are slightly more willing to work on their vacations than men (60%).

You can view the full results here, or check out this handy infographic: