Building awesome software using APIs is something Northeastern students Wylie Conlon and Jacob Mulligan think should be easy. And for anyone who doesn’t believe them, it’s recommended they attend the University’s first API Hack Day.

Hosted by NUACM, the ACM Student Chapter of Northeastern’s College of Computer and Information Science, the API Hack Day will toss students into 30 hours’ worth of coding, developing and creating, what the guys would call, “really cool” projects.

Conlon, who’s participated in several hackathons before, couldn’t find what he was looking for in Boston. So he went to the team and said, “Why don’t we just host a hackathon at Northeastern?” They booked a space, snagged some sponsors, including VMware, HubSpot and TokBox, and scored prizes to give away from Dropbox, Rdio and Thoughtbot.

Now, the time has come and the event kicks off tomorrow at 10 a.m. Following talks on API, upperclassmen will be at the event, advising undergrads alongside the NU Hacks team. Inspired by Hack Harvard, Mulligan says NU Hacks gets together every Thursday night to code, which will be helpful for those who have a basic knowledge of API and are looking for guidance.

“What we’re looking for at the end of the Hackathon, is for people who haven’t had a lot of exposure to an API at all to hopefully build something cool with it,” Mulligan says. “We want to show people that, even in 30 hours, they can pump out something cool, and that there are some great resources at Northeastern to learn from.”

To Conlon, this weekend will be all about the experience and culture. “There’s something oddly unique about spending 30, 48 or 54 hours just building stuff with people,” he says. “I really just want people to get addicted to these types of events.”

There will be a panel of student judges scoring projects on Sunday night, doling out prizes to students who’ve come and conquered the weekend. For anyone interested in attending and learning more about what API is all about, they can register here. Happy hacking, Northeastern!