With the Republican National Convention kicking off next week and the Democratic National Convention a week later, Northeastern has launched a free, nonpartisan website, called “U.S. Political Conventions & Campaigns,” designed to help educate voters and keep them informed throughout this year’s presidential race.

Developed by Northeastern faculty, the website hosts original video content featuring the likes of former Massachusetts State Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei; Thalia Schlesinger, a 2008 Obama delegate; Richard Counts, a 2012 Romney delegate; and former Massachusetts-Governor-turned-Northeastern-professor Michael Dukakis.

The site is also equipped with an open online course module, perfect for high school teachers who are looking for tools and quizzes that align with national educational standards in areas including civics, American history and government, according to a press release.

In an interview with news@Northeastern, site creator Daniel Urman, director of the university’s Law and Policy doctorate program, claimed the team wanted there to be something for everyone. As he said, “[The site is] for the high school students getting ready to vote for the first time, someone following the campaigns on TV, who wants to learn more and the seasoned political professional.”

From the history all the way down to the policy and platforms, the website can be used to understand the campaign process in a way that’s interactive and engaging.

“As teachers and college instructors look for ways to engage with, and educate, the new generation of voters, they seek interactive lesson plans that help students learn in a multi-faceted way,” Urman said in the release.

Although currently available 24/7 online, fully-integrated Pearson OpenClass online courseware will be available to high school and introductory college teachers and instructors beginning August 27th.

As the claws come out and the candidates bring their bickering to a whole new level, this nonpartisan site could be just the thing we need to calm, and help us break through, the noise.