Sometimes, it can seem like there are so many tech skills bootcamps popping up that the space is filled with white noise. Breaking through the buzz is Level, a bootcamp operating out of Northeastern University that’s gone from zero to 100 real quick.

“We kicked off our first cohort this time last year with 12 students and since then have graduated 99 students and have another 70 enrolled in programs,” Nick Ducoff, founding director at Level and vice president of new ventures at Northeastern, told us.

So far, Level has offered bootcamps in Boston, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Charlotte. Come January, it will launch its first program outside the U.S. with its expansion to Toronto.

With this expansion, Ducoff said Level is taking a “global and local” approach, which involves trying to “deeply understand what’s going on in Toronto as well as wider tech trends.”

When Level launched last year, its bootcamps primarily focused on teaching data analytics. Now, it’s branching out with its curricula. For instance, Level recently ran its first cloud computing course alongside Amazon Web Services in Seattle. That program will be rolled out to its other cities this coming year.

Looking ahead, Level has formed a partnership with Cisco, and they’re developing an IoT bootcamp. It will include a hardware lab component and it will first be rolled out in Silicon Valley.

“We look for tech skills that can be applied across every industry,” Ducoff said.

Nick Ducoff.

The Northeastern bootcamp is also now working with Martin Miller of Endevvr, a Boston-based startup that offers tech bootcamps to high school students. Moving forward, Level will expand its focus to include programming for younger students, as well as continue catering to adults and professionals.

The next cohorts will begin in late January. There will be a total of 15 cohorts beginning at that time for all of the programs across Level’s markets. Ducoff said Northeastern has also recently agreed to offer college credit – both course and tuition – for Level at the undergraduate and master’s level. However, the exact details about how many credits are up for grabs are still being finalized.