Individuals who aspire to type like Tennessee Williams, or sip daiquiris sweet enough to produce the next Ernest Hemingway-esque great American novel need voyage no further than Northeastern’s Gallery 360, located at 346 Huntington Avenue.

The on-campus art gallery is hosting a collection of 14 famous authors’ typewriters, all prized and provided by Steve Soboroff.

“I love people who are the best at what they do,” Soboroff says. “The idea that geniuses sat there and accomplished what they accomplished on these typewriters…it gives me chills.”

Soboroff now wants to give others those same chills.

Gallery 360 is hosting a “Celebrity Type” art reception Thursday from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Soboroff will be on hand to meet and greet attendees, who can schmooze to the musical stylings of the Boston Typewriter Orchestra.

Yes, you read correctly—the Boston Typewriter Orchestra. The rather unique group sounds a little something like this:

The “Celebrity Type” exhibit will run until September 25, and has received rather rave reviews thanks to its richness of history. Now we know what a teenage John Lennon used to write lyrics for Beatles precursor the Quarrymen, or what Ray Bradbury typed one of his earliest sci-fi-filled fiction on.

For a look at some of Soboroff’s typewriters, check out the slideshow below.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Gallery 360